Salient Features You Should Look For In Any Airbnb Clone Script

With the emergence of Airbnb, a new dimension was created in the world of e-commerce. It has become an instant hit across the world. This is the reason entrepreneurs want to have a similar website. With a wide range of clone scripts available online this task has become easier than ever before. Here are the four main features you must look for in an Airbnb clone script :

1 Customer Friendly Automated Online Booking Process

The main aim of the website is to enable the customer to manage their complete vacation rentals from any part of the world. Thus, the interface of the website or the mobile application must be loaded with customer-friendly features that are easy to understand and use. The clone script should also simplify your task as the website owner.

2 Helping The Host With Adjustable Pricing Options And Management Of The Travelers

Host plays an equally crucial role in the development of your business along with the traveler. The host should be given the privileges to set and modify the prices on various parameters of their listing. Security deposit, weekend pricing, weekly pricing, monthly discount, weekly discount and leasing the property are some of the features that you need to ensure is present in the clone script.

3 Reports Analysis And Keeping Up With The Statistics

To run a good online business you must keep a record of the performance of your website. This can include the daily, weekly or monthly traffic on the website, the area allocated for ads and so on. The company providing the script and hosting must be able to keep a track of these things for you. They must keep you updated with the relevant reports and statistics. This will enable you to easily track the progress of your website.

4 SEO Friendliness And Right Marketing Is The KeyTto Success

At the end success of any online business comes down to SEO friendliness and proper marketing. The clone script must contain On-Page SEO to attract traffic from prominent search engines. Marketing features like referral incentives, inviting friends, sharing experience with friends disguises the users into your website ambassadors.

Add these points to your checklist before talking with a consultant. It is easy to get the desired output when you freeze your requirements.