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popular logos brands of the world The Significance of Corporate Logos and Trademarks

A corporate logo is the necessity of almost all sorts of organizations around the world. It is the visual statement of a company’s role and function in the marketplace. A visual language to effectively describe their operation, it communicates a sense of purpose and enforces a set of values.

Logos are the cornerstone of a company’s image and its relationship with consumers. There are various type of logos. They could be typographical, illustrative or an abstract mark and, in some cases, a combination mark.

Significant Traits of Popular Logos

Let’s have a look at a few of the significant traits of popular logos which make them instantly recognizable to billions of people around the world. They are distinctive, simple, timeless, memorable and aesthetically pleasing.

They effortlessly communicate the essential qualities of the brand and would look equally good in black and white, as in color. The simplicity of popular logos and brands makes them adaptable to a broad range of environments.

Airline Logos Band Logos Bank Logos Baseball Logos
Basketball Logos Beer Logos Beverage Logos Car Logos
Cartoon Logos Chocolate Logos Clothing Logos Coffee Logos
College Logos Computer Logos Construction Logos Consulting Logos
Cosmetic Logos Dental Logos Education Logos Electronics Logos
Fashion Logos Finance Logos FMCG Logos Food Logos
Football Logos Funny Logos Game Logos Golf Logos
Government Logos Health Logos Hockey Logos Hotel Logos
Industry Logos Insurance Logos Internet Logos Law Firm Logos
Media Logos Motorcycle Logos Movie Logos NGO Logos
Oil Company Logos Olympic Logos Pharmaceutical Logos Photography Logos
Real Estate Logos Restaurant Logos Retail Logos Service Logos
Shoe Logos Software Logos Sports Logos Superhero Logos
Technology Logos Telecom Logos Television Logos Transport Logos
University Logos Watch Logos
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