Oil Company Logos

The largest oil and gas companies in the world possess some of the most popular and instantly recognizable logos that we have today. Most of these companies spend millions on their corporate identities and brand advertising. Good oil company logos are known to have distinctive symbolism and smart typographical elements. They are also popular for their prestigious feel and warmth.

This page showcases a wonderful collection of some of the most iconic and visually appealing oil company logos in the industry.

Agip Logo Amoco Logo BP Logo British Gas Logo
Castrol Logo Chevron Logo Clark Brands Logo CNOOC Logo
Exxon Logo Gazprom Logo Gulf Oil Logo Indian Oil Logo
Mobil Logo MOL Logo OMV Logo OPEC Logo
Petrobras Logo Petrochina Logo Petrol Ofisi Logo Petronas Logo
Phillips Logo Saudi Aramco Logo Shell Logo Sinopec Logo
Statoil Logo Texaco Logo Unocal Logo Yukos Logo
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