8 Popular Logos as Angry Birds

It is always fun to parody the things you really like. And when done cleverly, the results can be incredible. Today’s post on our Logo Design Blog presents a parody series consisting of eight popular logos reimagined as different angry birds from the insanely famous video game franchise. This series is designed by a very creative Russian artist named Yakushev Grigory. Enjoy and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

1- Angry Adidas

Angry Adidas pardoy

2- Angry Apple

Angry Apple parody

3- Angry Chrome

Angry Chrome parody

4- Angry Nike

Angry Nike parody

5- Angry Pepsi

Angry Pepsi parody

6- Angry Pringles

Angry Pringles parody

7- Angry Starbucks

Angry Starbucks parody

8- Angry Twitter

Angry Twitter parody

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